Résumé of Jeff Silverman

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I have years of experience running computers ranging from running 2,000 servers at Amazon to a single scientific application for the United States Forest Service. I have detailed knowledge of how networks work and how they fail.  I have extensive experience with python.  I have some experience running MySQL .   My experience is illustrated in specific accomplishments below. 


I would like to use Python for some sort of operational, networking, or testing task.  I've used python to analyze network behavior and test network devices.  However, if a Natural Language Processing opportunity or a scientific programming opportunity came my way, I would certainly take it.



Varsity Tutors October 2020-present.  Tutor.

Tutor high school physics, mathematics, and computer science.  Tutor undergraduate level computer science,. computer security, and networking.

United States Census Bureau June 2020-October 2020

Enumerator – collected information from people residing in the United States.

Microsoft Azure April 2020-September 2020

Write test automation software for a new internal controller.

Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC) January-2020-May-2020
Resident Counselor – on call.

Care for homeless people: counseling, managing medications (including controlled substances), enforce security, COVID-19 prevention procedures, minor repairs to electronics and facilities, training employees in LibreOffice and Windows/10.

American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) June 2019-August 2019
Python Developer

Write software in python to monitor network devices and name servers.  Review documentation prior to publication.

Tata Consultancy Services November 2018-February 2019
Assistant Consultant

Write tools to automate alerting on various conditions.  Investigate and remediate false alarms.  Write documentation.

Amazon December 2017-August 2018
System Engineer

Write tools to analyze the configurations of network devices in Amazon’s AWS network.  Automate patching procedures.

Juniper Networks, December 2016-August 2017
Resident Engineer

Write automatic test software for new software in Juniper switches and routers.

Maxset LLC, June 2016-March 2017
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) software such as nltk, textblob, and spaCy to develop a new knowledge representation system, called skyset, for simplifying process documentation. 

Impinj, August 2016-September 2016
Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Develop test cases for the IPv6 implementation the Impinj radio frequency identity (RFID) readers, using behave, python, wireshark, tcpdump, and pycharm.

Tommy Bahama, January 2016-June 2016
Linux and unix system Engineer

Managed an assortment of servers running RHEL 6.x and Solaris servers.  Automated patching processes.  Built tools using python.  Audit security.  Transition server monitoring from Big Brother to nagios.

The Walt Disney Company, March 2015-November 2015
DevOps engineer

Managed an Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana (ELK) cluster.  Wrote software in python and ruby and chef to automate various system administrator tasks.  Automated the monthly patching process using chef recipes.  Participated in on-call rotation.  

UIEVolution, December 2014-February 2015
System Administrator

Reverse engineered and documented production systems.  Managed development and test MySQL databases.  Created a commercial.

Sweetlabs, June 2014-October 2014
Systems Engineer

Wrote scripts in Python.  Monitored the monitors for abnormal conditions that the automated monitors didn't detect.  Built and managed an OpenStack cluster.  Wrote munin plugins.

Google Widevine Youtube Content Protection, Kirkland, Washington June 2013-June 2014
Linux System Administrator – non standard infrastructure

Run a small linux software development lab, including hardware maintenance, operation of the network hardware (all Juniper, except for an F5 Global Traffic Manager), run the backups, NAS, facilities, physical security.  Remediated the heartbleed vulnerability. Document procedures, such as backup recovery, network software updates, disaster recovery. Write Python and Bash scripts for linux servers

Google Compute Engine, Seattle, Washington April 2012-March 2013
Developer Support Specialist

Customer support of Google's Compute Engine cloud computing IaaS solution. Write and test software in python, bash, and SQL.  Test in linux and MS-Windows/7.

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.  September 2012-May 2013

Taught python to adult learners.  Fall quarter was basic syntax and usage of the language.  Spring quarter was various advanced topics:subprocesses, relational databases (MySQL and sqlite3), non-relational databases (redis), benchmarking, the pdb debugger.

F5 Networks Product Development, Seattle, Washington March 2011-March-2012
Test Engineer

Engineer performance testing on F5 products such as Local Traffic Manager (LTM) .

F5 Networks customer support, Seattle, Washington November 2006-March 2011
Network Support Engineer

Support F5 customers using telephone and E-mail. I specialized in the BigIP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), Enterprise Manager (EM) devices and the Web Accelerator Module (WAM) and Mail Security Module (MSM). Use a laboratory environment to simulate customer problems and test solutions. The lab environment contains many services built on linux servers

For a list of presentations I have given and documentation I am writing, please refer to my portfolio page.   See my github repository.


Certificate Amazon Web Services (AWS), University of Washington, June 2014

Certificate Python Programming, University of Washington, June 2011

B.S. Physics, Harvey Mudd College


D. Beeman, J. Silverman, R. Lynds and M.R. Anderson, “Modeling studies of amorphous carbon,” Phys. Rev. B30, 870 (1984).

Testing HTTPS client using openssl to simulate a server

See My portfolio page for additional publications and lectures.